Custom Fitted Putters

Custom Fitted Putters
State of the art equipment

At the Academy, we custom fit putters to match each golfer, whether you are a novice or a playing professional. We use state of the art equipment to help us custom fit the putter of your choice:-

• Biomechanic's Software for putting stroke and ball roll analysis

• SAM Analysis System

• Lie and length assessment tool

• Tour Gauge for loft and lie amendments

How important is a properly fitted putter? It is considered that putting is about 43% of the average golfer's score. If it is important enough to have correctly fitted irons and woods, which represents 57% of your score for 13 clubs, then 43% for one club is extremely important.

Your personal fitting will be performed by Nick Riley (ATT- PGA Professional).

Constraint & Personalised Fitting Charge £44.00

Constraint Fitting

We offer 2 types of fitting dependant on what your requirements are:

If you want to be fitted for a putter that will help you develop the most efficient stroke and improve your mechanics then we recommend you come for a constraint fitting. This forms part of any instructional package we offer at the Academy.

Alongside high-class instruction, we will evaluate the specifcation of the putter you need. Such a fitting will account for the correct:

• Lie  • Length • Loft • Putter Style • Putter Balance

Ever wondered what effect overlooking such factors has?

Personalised Fitting

If you are happy with your own style of putting and would like to get fitted for a putter off YOUR choice to suit your stance, set up and stroke then we can pass on advice and amend:

• Lie    • Length    • Loft

In both types of Fittings, alongside Video Analysis of Ball Roll and Technique, SAM Puttlab Analysis reports are created to evaluate the important parameters of the putting stroke to ensure the putter you leave with is the correct to one.

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