The Missing Link to Better Golf

Be your own best coach by learning the right attitude. Some players can be dramatically affected by a duff shot or intimidated by playing with others who seem more skilled. Different things affect people in different ways, but knowing how to deal with setbacks and achievements on the course can give you a phenomenal edge.

Through two unique sessions, I’m going to show you how to plant the right seeds to help your game. Over a three to four-week period, with my help, these sessions will give you a greater understanding of your emotions and help build confidence in your game.

"Some of the most arcane and best-kept secrets of the game live here"

The Missing Link to Better Golf (One to One Session)

Course Content:-            

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Confidence
  • On Course Awareness
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Controlling our thoughts for peak performance
  • Learn to control your emotions

During my 40 years as a golf professional and coach, I’ve read many books and attended countless courses, meetings, and talks on how to improve golfers’ performance, working with world-renowned golf and sports coaches.

I should say at this point – I’m not a sports psychologist. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of golfers spend a lot of time working on their swing but pay little attention to what’s going on in the mind.

For sure, the ability to strike the ball well is very important; having a “sound technique” and owning your swing will help you build confidence. But this is just one side of playing great golf. I’m sure a lot of golfers have encountered people who hit the ball fine on the range but just can’t transfer that ability to the course. If you’re one of these golfers, I’m sure you’ll find my insights a great help.

Course Information

  • £60 per person.
  • 2 x 30 minute sessions.
  • Suitable for all levels of golfers.
  • On-Line session also available.

    Your mental state or mood has perhaps the greatest influence on your performance.

    Both your conscious and your subconscious thoughts can affect the way you think about your golfing performance. We need to understand emotionally as well as intellectually that we literally become what we think about – positive or negative thoughts will have corresponding positive or negative effects on our game. So, we need to control our thoughts if we are to control our game.

    When I was working In my pro shop, I was always taken aback when I heard someone talking positively about their game – it was a very rare occurrence. It’s more usual to overhear my customers discussing how poor they are on the greens, or being negative about some other part of their game. Even when they’ve played a great game, they talk about missed putts or discuss the things that could have gone even better, rather than focusing on the positives. We need to listen to what we say to ourselves in these situations.

    What would be going on in the mind of a champion?

    Jack Nicklaus, in his book Playing Lesson writes the following:

    Champion golfers might think they can always find a way, sheer competitiveness desire, and determination to sink that putt or find the middle of the fairway.

    “Don’t try to force the ball. A good outlook would be, I need this putt to stay ahead or within reach of the lead; so, go ahead, knock it in.”

    Keeping control of the mind when playing well is a lot easier than when you are struggling with your game. When things aren’t going so well or you are feeling under pressure for any reason our aim is to keep the mind calm, clear, and quiet – these are our three guiding fundamentals to achieving peak performance.

    Remember the laws of physics! For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. In other words: you have to put the work in to get something back.

    " This is the most overlooked lesson format of them all, yet possibly the most valuable towards the development of your game."

    Nick Riley PGA Advanced Professional                                                                  

    On Line Session also Available

    On Line Session

    This online session is the same as the one-to-one lesson apart from the fact it is conducted online. (Zoom, Whats app or FaceTime online conference call.)
    All paper work will be emailed before the scheduled meeting. Although this session isn't quite as hands on as a one to one lesson it doesn't detract from the students learning.

    2 x 30 Minute Sessions
    Cost: £60.00

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