Mind and Course Management

The MISSING LINK to better golf

During my 40 years as a golf professional and coach, I’ve read many books and attended countless courses, meetings and talks on how to improve golfers’ performance, working with world-renowned golf and sports coaches.

I should say at this point – I’m not a sports psychologist. My expertise is in helping people improve their technical skills on the golf course. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of golfers spend a lot of time working on their swing but pay little attention to what’s going on in the mind.

For sure, the ability to strike the ball well is very important; having a “sound technique” and owning your swing will help you build confidence. But this is just one side of playing great golf. I’m sure a lot of golfers have encountered people who hit the ball fine on the range but just can’t transfer that ability to the course. If you’re one of these golfers, I’m sure you’ll find my insights a great help.


At the Academy we have five fundamental areas that we consider imperative to maximise your potential. Starting with the areas you would most like to improve, work your way through these fundamentals.Within each segment we have many modules enabling you to reach your ultimate goal. Unsure where to start? We would be happy to assess your game and design a programme for you to follow.

Course Management

Golf is as much a game of strategy as it is of experience, practice and physical skill. Course Management teaches you how to plan your way around a course, to evaluate any 9 or 18-hole layout you may visit. This is the most overlooked lesson format of them all, yet possibly the most valuable towards the development of your game.

The Mind Game

Be your own best coach by learning the right attitude. Some players can be dramatically affected by a duff shot, or intimidated by playing with others who seem more skilled. Different things affect people in different ways, but knowing how to deal with setbacks and achievements on the course can give you a phenomenal edge.

Mind and Course Management Sessions
1 x Session £55.00
5 x Session Course £250

Session One - Building Confidence                                               (online purchase Available)

Session Two - Visualisation

Session Three - Managing your Emotions                                   (online purchase Available)

Session Four - Learning to Practice                                              (online purchase Available)

Session  Five - Course Management

" This is the most overlooked lesson format of them all, yet possibly the most valuable towards the development of your game."

Nick Riley PGA Advanced Professional

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