The MISSING LINK to better golf

During my 40 years as a golf professional and coach, I’ve read many books and attended countless courses, meetings and talks on how to improve golfers’ performance, working with world-renowned golf and sports coaches.

I should say at this point – I’m not a sports psychologist. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of golfers spend a lot of time working on their swing but pay little attention to what’s going on in the mind.

For sure, the ability to strike the ball well is very important; having a “sound technique” and owning your swing will help you build confidence. But this is just one side of playing great golf. I’m sure a lot of golfers have encountered people who hit the ball fine on the range but just can’t transfer that ability to the course. If you’re one of these golfers, I’m sure you’ll find my insights a great help.

Session One - Missing Link to Better Golf                                            (Online purchase also available)

Session Two - Visualisation                                                                    (Online purchase also available)

Session Three - Learning to Practice                                                     (Online purchase also available)

" This is the most overlooked lesson format of them all, yet possibly the most valuable towards the development of your game."

Nick Riley PGA Advanced Professional