Golf Lessons in Exeter

With Nick Riley,  PGA Advanced Member with over 40 years experience as a professional golf coach.

Learn to Play Golf in Exeter

From Scratch

Absolute beginners at any sport can easily feel so daunted, and golf is especially good at putting off a great many people who see it as an elitist sport that’s impossible to master unless you’ve been playing from the age of 3 like Tiger Woods.Taking up golf at any age is one of the most rewarding pastimes achievable. If you start right, you’ll never look back, and we regard every novice as a potential world champion. Scratch Players

One of the downsides of becoming really accomplished at this game is that it becomes increasingly hard to make a noticeable improvement. Once you’re a scratch player, isn’t that it? Game over? Not so... Some of the most arcane and best-kept secrets of the game live here. If you’re at that stage of your game where improvement seems virtually impossible it’s great to associate with like- minded souls who can take you even further. You might even end up teaching us a thing or two.

Learning package or quick fix

If for any reason an investment in a learning package isn’t for you, a quick-fix for the yips or the shanks or whatever ails your game is easily done here. The key to fault-fixing is being able to get in front of a pro who can quickly and accurately diagnose what needs addressing, and then getting straight to the point.

Everyone Welcome

To book a lesson please contact Nick Riley. Text or Call:   07487 794103  
Clifton Hill Driving Range, Exeter. Devon.

Nick's Individual Coaching Fees:
  • 30 Minute Lesson     £32.00 
  • 60 Minute Lesson     £64.00

Special Offer:

6  lessons for the price of 5 on individual lessons.