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Nick joined Henbury Golf Club in 1990 as the head professional and is a PGA member with over 40 years experience as a professional golfer and coach. The Golf Academy operates as an independent service to members and visitors alike. Nick has worked with golfers of all abilities ranging from club amateurs to tour professionals.

 In 2005 Nick founded his Putting Academy and packaged together his experience and expertise to bring the golfing public a unique coaching experience at this purpose built facility in Bristol. 

Join us at Henbury Golf Club

Using scientific tools and hands on tour experience we endeavour to help each player find their individual pathway to better putting.

At the Academy, we custom fit putters to match each golfer, whether you are a novice or a playing professional. We use state of the art equipment to help us custom fit the putter of your choice.

The GC2 Launch Monitor is primary to this service and is used in conjunction with a PGA Professional who has many years of experience in golf instruction and custom fitting.

If for any reason an investment in a learning package isn’t for you, a quick-fix for the yips or the shanks or whatever ails your game is easily done here. The key to fault-fixing is being able to get in front of a pro who can quickly and accurately diagnose what needs addressing, and then getting straight to the point.

Become quickly confident with wedges, to transform your game from merely average to something firmly based on strategy and physical refinement. Bunkers, the rough, uphill & downhill address can all be skillfully managed to eliminate completely the fear of awkward lies, because you’ll have been here before and know exactly how to get yourself out of trouble.

Be your own best coach by learning the right attitude. Some players can be dramatically affected by a duff shot or intimidated by playing with others who seem more skilled. Different things affect people in different ways, but knowing how to deal with setbacks and achievements on the course can give you a phenomenal edge.

A guide to better green reading

I am excited to announce the release of my new guide to better green reading book & ebook

Within this book, I would like to share some of my green reading theories and introduce you to my newly developed Target slope measuring system (TSMS). You will learn to see and assess the extent of the degree of slope on any given putt, and, with a little practice on your part, you will soon start to improve your green reading skills and hole more putts.

The TSMS works around how the slope on the green changes your body position, this then allows gravity and your putter to guide you in your slope assessment.

The Target Slope Measuring System book is now for sale through all good book stores worldwide and is also available on Apple Books, Kindle, and other digital platforms.

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On Line Golfing Insights

Learn to Practice Like the Pro's

“Practice is a powerful ally or frustrating foe”

Click on the link below to purchase this A4 document.

I have listed key success techniques for better practice.

The art of good practice is to enjoy what you are doing whilst learning or improving a skill.

Learn to Practice

Mind Management

Ninety percent of what we do in life is in the subconscious and we need to understand our emotions and recognise the importance of how we are talking to ourselves. These sessions I believe are the “MISSING LINK” to better golf.

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